Fresh Cavendish Banana

Herbocrop.Exim is a main provider and Exporter of New Indian Cavendish bananas, We supply and export the best quality cavendish bananas straightforwardly from ranches our cavendish bananas are found to have every single healthful quality. Herbocrop.Exim accepts great consideration as we stringently trust in managing just quality items.

Bananas being ready for export in a busy market - colorful bananas piled up on a vendor's stall surrounded by eager customers.
A table filled with fresh Harvested green bananas, a colorful and healthy fruit display.
Bananas are getting clean and disinfected and ready for packing
A box filled with yellow bananas, perfect for a healthy snack.
cardboard box filled with fresh natural green cavendish banana
white and blue cardboard box fully packed with Indian Cavendish Banana

Banana is the fourth most significant food after rice, wheat, and maize. Its all-year accessibility, reasonableness, varietal range, taste, and nutritive and therapeutic worth make it a most loved natural product. Items like bread, lager, liquor and so on got from bananas are additionally a decent wellspring of phytochemicals which might be remembered for the eating regimen as other crude food fixings. Banana is the second most significant organic product crop in India close to mango. It represents 13% of the complete region and 33% of the development of natural products.

Fresh Banana is a significant staple harvest for millions in emerging nations and is a rich energy source, with starches representing 22-32% of the organic product weight. It is plentiful in nutrients A, B6, and C as well as minerals, like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and folate. The organic product contains a high centralization of sugar and numerous acids other than cell reinforcements and vitamin A. Banana is a high-fibre product of the soil utilization that diminishes blood cholesterol levels.

We export fresh Indian Cavendish Bnana

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