Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs

wooden spoon filled with Isabgol husk in background of Isabgol seeds

Psyllium (Husk)

A bowl full of healthy white musli powder and sticks

White Musli

Ayurvedic herb Azadirachta indica or white bowl of full neem powder with neem leaves

Neem Leaves

a bowl filled with Triphala powder and whole Triphala nuts


a cup of ashwagandha powder next to a pile of ashwagandha sticks.


A plate full of dry amla or amla candy and green amla

Amla Dry

Neem seeds hanged on tree

Neem Seed

selective focus shot of fresh green basil leaves

Tulsi (basil) Leaves

Dried Bael slices on basket background, Bael for Bael juice - Dry Bael fruit tea for health

Dry Bael (Fruit)



ayurvedic herb name Shatavari ground pulled placed on ground


a bowl filled with healthy black Shilajit and background


We export ayurvedic medicinal herbs.

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